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© 2019 by Invent The Summer | Invent The Summer is a project sponsored by MPower Youth Sports, LLC


About Us

Identify a problem and invent a solution. That’s what we’re all about. 

Peter’s problem was that he was bored on a cold winter Saturday. No hockey games, no practices, no birthday parties. It was miserable outside, so he was stuck inside. 

He plopped himself on his bed to read a book, then realized how dark his room was. So he got off his bed, walked across the room and flipped the light switch. That flip of the switch turned on his engineering brain. Instead of going back to his book, he ran downstairs for supplies and spent the rest of the day inventing a way to turn his light on and off from the comfort of his bed. 

He tried several potential solutions, most of which failed miserably. But he learned from each mishap and refined his method and materials until he got it just right.

At dinner that night, the family talked about the coming summer. We like to spend our summers exploring new ideas and activities that we don’t have time for during the hectic school year. Want to try a new instrument or hobby, or give musical theater a shot? Summer is the perfect time. 

Peter wondered if he could try to start his own business or website. We brainstormed ideas and talked about how any new business should solve a problem… sort of like an invention.

And suddenly, the idea was born. He would build a website around summer engineering and invention challenges. It would solve a problem for kids who are bored and for parents who can never seem to come up with an interesting activity. Everyone in the family liked the idea and everyone wanted a role in the project. 


So we set a budget - the equivalent of two weeks of camp - and got to work. The kids are learning about websites and business plans, about contracts and budgeting. They are learning marketing skills and they are fine-tuning their elevator pitch. They are doing this all with the hope that there are other kids out there who love the idea and want to spend the summer engineering and inventing right along with us. 


All of our challenges have been tested by our boys and they have all been “fun” certified. Remember: we are learning, so please give us feedback and ideas. If all goes well, we’ll come back bigger and better next summer!


We cannot wait to get started and hope that you will join us as we Invent the Summer!

Meet the Team


The Man With the Plan

Peter is an aspiring engineer and entrepreneur. Invent the Summer is his latest and biggest creation. He has designed all of our challenges and guarantees they will be fun. He writes his own video scripts and makes the Invent the Summer t-shirts and bags on our dining room table.


Manager of Mayhem

Krissy is the Business Mentor on this project. As a business woman and entrepreneur herself, she steers the planning, budgeting and general business development process. She is also our website developer, video producer, schedule keeper and caterer.


Zen Master

Rich is our Marketing Mentor. He is our graphic designer and the creator of our logo. He helps us refine our message, develop our advertising materials and advise us in all things marketing. He is also coordinating our challenge prizes. 


Noise Maker

Tai is the creator and producer of the music tracks you hear in the Invent the Summer videos. He also provides the drum roll for our winner announcements and helps with an occasional voice over. Basically, he's responsible for anything that makes noise. 


Invent the Summer Man

Jason is Peter's engineering assistant. He is the tester, the holder, the starter, the timer, the target and the egg dropper. He's also the props manager and assistant producer for our videos. Most importantly he provides a good dose of fun and comic relief to everything we do. 


Team Mascot

Our beloved old Stanley. He is always at our side, often panting and wandering through the background of our videos. He is wherever we are, so you'll probably see a lot of him!